How good would it feel to be financially secure for a lifetime … for you and those you care about?

Let us tell you why this is so important.

Over recent years the landscape of personal finances has changed. Fundamentally.  Forever. For the worse.  For everyone… including you, your family and your loved ones.

This country is in £1trillion of debt and someone has to pay.  That someone is you…

Austerity means we are being forced to contribute more while receiving less. Tax rates continue to rise. Wages have fallen.

The cost of living is at an all time high. We are being financially pressured from every possible angle.

So never more have we needed to take lifetime financial responsibility.

Lifetime Financial Responsibility
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Lifetime Financial Responsibility...what does it mean?

Does your current financial plan allow you to:

  • Live the life you want to lead now, houses, cars, holiday, clothes, nights out…
  • Allow you to support your children through their lives, university fees, living costs, weddings, property purchases…
  • Provide you with the financial freedom you deserve in your retirement until the day you die, will it last…

For many of us the answer to one or more of these questions is quite simply no and therefore we do not have lifetime financial responsibility.

Parents are forced to act as the Bank of Mum & Dad.  University fees, living costs, getting on the housing ladder have never been higher or harder.

People are living longer, pensions provided by the state are dwindling, previously fantastic company pensions are not performing well enough, low annuities means payments are less.

Low interest rates has decimated savings income. House prices can no longer be used to bail us out.

There will also be no nanny state to solve the problem. These are the facts, now let’s look at the brutal truths

Taking private education, university fees and helping your child with their first home can amount to nearly £500,000
Austerity means the state will provide less help than ever before
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